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Did You Know I Create Coloring Books?

Here’s the link to my bookshop!

I have been so busy these past few months creating original art for these books!
I have the “Relax with Nature” coloring book that has over original 8.5×11” – 30 hand drawn designs from very simple abstract landscapes to quite detailed animals in natural scenes done in a Neurographic style.
If you don’t know what that is check out my YouTube Video about Neurographic Art

Next up is my “Camper Vans Adult Coloring book” it is filled with 25 classic, modern, retro & quirky, vans, caravans, motorhomes and trailers. All of the art was hand drawn and it is 8.5×11” with a fun glossy cover. (I have a fun coloring book flip through and color swatching test video)

Finally my newest, just released coloring book is my “Adult Coloring Book of Jewels: Brilliant Gemstones” 5.5×8.5” 55 coloring pages that vary from single full page motifs, multiple of single motifs on a page and finally single motif in over all background pages. So fun to practice coloring gems and practicing your doodle art. (I’ll be doing a flip through video in the future)

All of my coloring books are printed with the designs on the right hand odd number pages with the left side pages printed with a light grey dot grey grid. The dot grid pages are great to use for journaling or practicing your own doodling ideas.

After you get some of these coloring books it would be awesome if you would go back to the purchase pages and leave an honest review. It helps out future customers and it really helps me know what you want to see in future coloring books!

Thanks for checking this out and leave a comment and let me know what you think!
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