Flower hair doodle girls

Try Something New!

Can you really learn how to draw something in just 60 seconds? Check out this blog post to find out!

Doodle stones

Doodling the day away!

I have been focusing lately on art that is accessible to everyone. It has been made more apparent in recent times that many folks only have access to really basic art materials like office pens, school pencils and student art materials that you can find at the local shops. —read more

Fun and Fluid Watercolor 🐔 Rooster in 1 Minute!

I’m really enjoying my Tangi experience. Mostly I’m posting real-time doodles that take less than 1 minute but I’m also sharing some videos that are sped up as something pretty to experience. if you like this one check out my Tangi page and give me a follow. Once I hit 100 followers I’ll get to …

Fun and Fluid Watercolor 🐔 Rooster in 1 Minute! Read More »


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