The Holidays are coming! Find those awesome gifts now!

Everything I’m seeing online is leading me to the realization that folks are already looking for their holiday gifts! It’s not even Halloween yet!

New Halloween Friends video lesson on my YouTube channel

So to jump on the bandwagon of my favorite Gift Ideas List for Artists.
I decided to start with my top 8 favorite Art supplies over on (I Am an Arteza Affiliate and will earn a small commission if you purchase things on this list with my links) make sure to read to the end for a special Holiday savings coupon code!

These ideas cover a wide range of media and price ranges great gifts for kids and adults who want to get started on a creative path.


The extra large Acrylic Art Bundle– this kit has it all and unlike those sets when you were a kid these are good quality paints, paper and canvases with an awesome easel bos to paint on and store supplies in!


Many folks are really interested in Acrylic Paint Pouring but have no idea where to start. This bundle kit is an excellent place to start. This bundle even has a drop cloth and gloves to help with keeping everything tidy.


Do you have a young Picasso that would love to get into painting but you are not sure what to get for them? This fun Kids Watercolor Set has 36 paint colors all in one palette a couple good brushes and a pad of watercolor paper that can be easily folded to make lovely boxed art to hang on the wall!


Drawing is a skill that many people want to get better at. Having all the different pencils and erasers makes it so much easier to sit down and start to draw. This Drawing set has everything except the paper see my next item on the list for that!


I love Hardcover Spiral Bound Sketchbooks! These have a nice heavy weight drawing paper that is perfect for drawing practice or doodling! The paper is even acid free so you don’t have to worry about it turning yellow or going brittle. Awesome for both Grown ups and Kids!


One of my New found creative outlets has been learning to paint with gouache. This All in One Gouache set has the full 60 color set of paints, detail brushes and watercolor paper. It is trebly ready for the lucky person to sit down and start creating instantly.


These Square Watercolor Sketchbooks are some of my favorites. Even though the paper is only 110lb it feels sturdy and is so fun for the pen and in with watercolor washes that I love to do. If you don’t totally soak the paper it really does flatten back out. It is great for Watercolor paints, watercolor pencils, pen and ink and even regular colored pencils. The cool thing is the back side of the paper is smooth and the front side has a bit of texture. You get the best of both worlds.


Watercolor Pencils are some of the most versatile art supplies; you can use then as colored pencils, add water to the color on the paper to smooth the color out, pick up the color from the pencils with a wet brush like a palette of paint or even get the tip wet and use like a marker for filling small areas with opaque color.
As a special deal for my Deliberately Creative community here is the Special Holiday coupon code good Now through the Holiday Season!

Thank you so much for making it this far in the article- if you are interested in helping to support this blog and my art studio there are affiliate links in this article if you click on them and then make a purchase it really helps!

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