Pineapple in the Window

Pineapples mean hospitality and generosity, friendship and warmth. I think in this time of social distancing we are all trying to figure out how to maintain those values. How to share with our friends, families and strangers in new and safe ways.

Right now this is a time of experimentation for me. I’m seeing growth in my handling of the pen and ink. I am not usually a loose and scribbly artist. My lines are usually very controlled. This time I tried to let go of my tight control of the placement. I kept my pen touching the paper almost the whole time and let the image build on the scribbles.

Line art pineapple
loose sketch from my doodle sketchbook.

I actually like this- I know this is an exercise many have done before but it was my first time and I think it won’t be my last.

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