magical waterdrop

Little Things

I’m working on remembering to take really deep breaths and look at small things and appreciate the beauty.

For my quarantine time, I’m painting-
This time looking at a photo of a water drop. I love the way a water drop is just like a miniaturizing lens -compressing the whole flower inside the drop- just like us compressing our day to day lives into our homes.
I hope you are finding time to breathe and see the small things in new ways

If you are interested this water drop painting is a lesson on my Youtube Channel!

What are you doing to keep yourself busy? Leave me a comment! How are you doing in your social distancing? Getting lonely? In need of fun folks to chat with? I’m going live on youtube Monday – Friday during the month of April 2020. We have a fun group of creative folks and we would love to have you join us!

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