Gift Idea! Whoohoo!

Hi all! Happy day after Thanksgiving!

Now that we are all revving up for the winter holidays I want to make sure you know that taking care of yourself should be really high on your To-Do list.

I have just the thing for you too! I released a beautiful Adult Coloring Book Relaxing Floral Mandalas book cover Relazing Floral Mandalas(amazon affiliate link) filled with 50 hand-drawn floral mandalas.

You can color these pages with colored pencils and very light applications of watercolor too. Grab a cup of your favorite warming drink and turn on the soft music, get ready to find a moment of peace and relaxation.

If you are looking for a gift for yourself or your favorite colorists head on over to Amazon and Pick up a couple of copies for holiday gifts!

Check out these videos below to get a taste of what is in the book and how different products work:

Deliberately Creative – Flip Through my New Coloring Book 
Check out the information below the video on Youtube for the FREE COLORING SHEET LINK

TartanTaz Creates!
Tania does a thorough test of the Amazon printing and the paper used in the coloring book – amazing tips and tricks to get the best coloring experience!

Off-Kilter Crafter Ian
I surprised Ian with this little Happy Mail parcel. He does a lovely fip through and shows many of the pages from the book!

Thank you to my friends! I hope you will check them out and show some love!

Keep your eyes open, I have many new blog posts with fun and creative projects ready to start dropping!

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