Reach for Your Dreams!

You are worth it for real!

Girl reaching to the sky
Painting from from my new
Beginner’s Fluid Painting Video on Youtube!

Sometimes you just need to think bigger and reach for a dream. I think that is why I decided that working for myself as an artist would be a good idea. Lol!

I left my ‘regular’ job that I have had for 23 years last January 2019. It has been a time of growing and learning. I am so fortunate to have my amazing husband and creative partner supporting this journey.

I’m discovering that 1. I can be productive and get things done. 2. I can be the worlds biggest procrastinator if I don’t make actual written lists of things that need to be done. 3. I’m rubbish at writing my lists consistently. 4. I need to limit my time online- it is a time sink that I really, really need to avoid. 5. I can find so many other things that ‘need to be done’ in my regular life that my website and YouTube channel sometimes feel like afterthoughts.

Do you ever feel like that? The things you really want to get done, to accomplish, sit there looking at you patiently as you try to get everything perfect to start on them? I have decided to pick one thing a day on my Worklist and get it done first thing during my workday. That way if I get pulled off track I know something actually got accomplished! I find if I can get one thing done I am more motivated to get the next thing and then my self-confidence starts going up and up. More things get done and my world feels bigger and like I can accomplish even bigger things!

What does that have to do with Reaching for your dreams? For me, it is exactly how my dreams are coming true! My world is growing, my lists keep evolving the list is always there but the things on it change every day! What will I be doing tomorrow is always changing and I love that.

So I got this blog post written- that is one thing off my list.

If you are interested in more posts like this leave me a comment and let me know.

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I do have a couple of SkillShare classes if you are interested in a free 2-month premium membership click here to sign up. I do earn a commission if you sign up – you can cancel at any time in that 2 months and your credit card won’t be charged. Just make sure to cancel before the 2 months is up.

I also have a Patreon now and I’m sharing all kinds of fun bits and pieces adventures in art and a growing list of photo references that are taken by me for as a special benefit for all my awesome patrons.

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Photo of Stephanie from Deliberately Creative
I’m so glad you are here!

So I got this bit of advertising done and crossed off my list too. Whoot! I hope you get something done on your list too!

Remember my friends to go out and something creative, take care of yourself so you can take care of those you love!


1 thought on “Reach for Your Dreams!”

  1. Thank you so much for following your dreams,
    as that act caused you to create this post! I relate to you on many levels with things like waiting till things are perfect to begin them or the time sink that is the internet… i could go on but can not right now as i am my mothers caregiver and i am being called. Please keep up your creativity and posts like these.
    Many thanks

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