I Did It!

Whoohoo! I’m so excited!! This is the first of many new creative items that will be available with my artwork designs in my TeeSpring Store —> http://bit.ly/2TE7FI8

A big Surprise was seeing that the fabric was printed then cut and sewed together properly. It is really nicely constructed and I can see why it costs a bit more to get special custom pieces like this. There’s more than just machines making this happen!

I just got my Retro Hamburger Meal Pencil Pouch and had to share!! Yes, the bag is in my hand and it can hold a surprising amount of pencils and pen or makeup, or hot wheels cars– you know all the important stuff! LOL!

Do you want to see more of my designs and illustrations put on to real useable pieces like clothing, bags, backpacks and mugs? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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3 thoughts on “I Did It!”

  1. Charles Whitlock

    Hi. Enjoying your shows soooo much. You’re a great teacher (from an equally great teacher). I do so want to try the Beta fish (blue and black), and was surprised when the blue didn’t come through. I’m not using your particular paints as I have spent too much $ already and have to wait awhile. Any thoughts? Perhaps the blue I chose to use is not transparent. Does it have to be? How can I tell if it is or not?

    Thanks so much

    Charlie Whitlock whitlockc9@gmail.com

  2. Charles Whitlock

    Love your shows.
    Sent you a detailed comment but hit enter before I included all the data?

    Tried to do the Beta fish — blue & black. The blue didn’t show up when I tried the string effect. Does the paint have to be what you use? Does it have to be transparent? How can I tell if mine is?

    1. Hi Charles, the paint needs enough contrast between the color on the fins and the background. I suspect that the blue and black were too close in color. I have seen others do this with many different paints so I think it’s the contrast. Thank you for checking it out!

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