liquitex pouring medium and Golden High Flow Bottles

How to Make Faux Resin Geodes!

Faux Resin Geode

Welcome to my EASY- DIY Agate Geode for Beginners Full Tutorial. I’m taking you, step by step through how to make a stunning geode slice using Fake Resin (Also known as Liquitex Pouring Medium) a piece of clear thin plastic (from a new picture frame that didn’t need the plastic anymore) Some transparent acrylic paints in colors you want for your geode.

This is my personal Pinterest hack for painting a faux resin geode with awesome results! Check out Pinterest and search for Painting Geodes there are Hundreds of pins. But I didn’t see ANY that did it the way I do. 🙂 This is so fast, fun and easy!

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My Pinterest Hack for Faux Resin Geodes

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Cut the plastic into your slab shape (use a craft knife to score the plastic and snap off the pieces you don’t want. BE CAREFUL- WEAR EYE PROTECTION- MAKE SURE NOT TO CUT THE PLASTIC WITH SMALL CHILDREN AROUND. SAFETY FIRST!)

Sand the edges with 150-250 grit sandpaper to round off any sharp edges.

Mix the FAUX RESIN COLORS – 20ml of Liquitex Pouring Medium and 20 drops of Golden High Flow Acrylic Paints (You can do this with Bombay Inks also) Mix each color in its own small container

Check out the Full tutorial in the Video for more information!

Eye Protection when cutting the plastic
Sharp Blade in Craft Knife
Ceramic or Metal Bowl as a Cutting guide

Liquitex Pouring Medium:

Golden High Flow Acrylic Transparent Colors Kit:
Titanium White, Carbon Black
Phthalo Blue(transparent), Quinacridone Magenta (it is already a transparent color even though it doesn’t say so on the label):

Floral Craft Diamond Dust Glitter (this is crushed glass be very careful with it!):

Plastic I used the plastic(glazing) from a Picture frame that I used for an acrylic painting. You could also do this with the Hard clear clamshell packaging from a Deli or restaurant – just use the smooth bits – no embossing – it would show in the finished piece.

liquitex pouring medium and Golden High Flow Bottles

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    My name is Tammy Harrison and I have been watching as many as I can of your videos as possible trying to learn how to do different things in art. I love your videos and I am trying different things.

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