colorful floral abstract painting

Inspired by Claude Monet

I was inspired by the lush and loose approach to painting that is embodied in the painter Claude Monet and the impressionists. I say inspired because I’m not using the same paints -they used oils and I’m not even using any brushes just a little air filled balloon and a wood craft stick. I used …

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awesome girl

Time to Upcycle a Thrift Store Vase!

Welcome! First Thank you for watching this video! Second—Please Share this video with your friends! They will thank you! Third- I know You won’t want to miss a single episode of Deliberately Creative! Ge Ahead and CLICK the Subscribe Link http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBE-DC and the Bell so you will be notified when new videos go up! I …

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All New Cherry Blossom Painting!

I just posted the Best Cherry Blossom Painting! It is 8 times bigger than my first Cherry Blossom Painting! I’m so excited and I hope you will be too. Best Cherry Blossom Acrylic Painting Ever! I hope you will check out this video and then share it with your friends on your social media! Make …

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