Inspired by Claude Monet

colorful floral abstract painting

I was inspired by the lush and loose approach to painting that is embodied in the painter Claude Monet and the impressionists. I say inspired because I’m not using the same paints -they used oils and I’m not even using any brushes just a little air filled balloon and a wood craft stick.

I used this painting as my inspiration for my reference

Claude Monet – Morning On The Seine, Near Vetheuil 1878

My painting was done as I said in acrylic – Acrylics mixed with either Floetrol or Liquitex Pouring Medium. I worked thinly with the paint. The paint was on the thicker side as it was all leftover paints from other projects. I did the whole painting with just a balloon and a craft stick. No Brushes! An I’m so proud of how it turned out!

Being painted with just a balloon as the brush
Finished and Dry!

Check out the Step by Step Lesson on my Youtube Channel- Deliberately Creative

Here’s the Video Lesson step by step on how I did it!

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