Be More Creative, Be Still, and Really Look

Sometimes we just need to sit and breathe in the sun.

I found these beautiful hollyhocks blooming in a yard on one of my almost daily walks a couple days ago. I stood there for quite a while, looking at the flowers.

It was amazing to me how something so tropical looking could be growing in my little town. I know that hollyhocks are not tropical and that they can actually be thought of as common but, what I was struck by was in the details. The center stamen and the ruffle petals make me think of hibiscus and those are tropical. The way the sun was glistening on surface of the flowers and in some spots almost reflecting the blue of the sky.

If you want to get better with any kind of art or creative pursuit, slow down, really look at things, how are they made, how the parts fit together, how the light and shadow give the thing form.

Then you can let your creativity fly.

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  1. I stumbled down the wordpress reader and arrived at your post. Really like what you write about slowing down. Remember walking in the forest and going very slow because there was so much to see. Thank you for sharing and bringing back happy memories in me.

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