Doodle stones

Doodling the day away!

Time to be creative! 

I have been focusing lately on art that is accessible to everyone. It has been made more apparent in recent times that many folks only have access to really basic art materials like office pens, school pencils and student art materials that you can find at the local shops.

I have been doing videos on my YouTube channel that use those basic kinds of supplies, paper, pens, pencils and watercolor. We (my creative community and I) are practicing live art creation! We are doodling and exploring with very little pressure to “make art”. 

Check out this Summer Flowers and Bubbles video below. (Remember that my Youtube Channel Videos are always free!) In this video I walk you through easy 3 patterns and then we use 2 of the patterns to make this fun and bright floral postcard to send to a friend.

Floral mandala coloring book cover

Did you know that I have published a fun and relaxing coloring book? Fun and Relaxing Flora Mandalas
50 hand-drawn floral designs
Available now on Amazon

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