Painting of Frog and Flower

Did you know you can Paint With Me?

Are you going stir crazy yet? Feeling lonely and want to have some safe social interaction? I have a great suggestion for you. On my YouTube channel Deliberately Creative I have been posting every day of the work week either a live video with live chat or a pre-recorded video as a premiere with live chat.

Calm and Soothing Paint With Me – Frog and Flower

Come and hang out with me and our awesome creative community for some safe social distancing interaction! I want you to have an opportunity to chat and learn something at the same time.

Let me know you saw this invitation on my web site. If you want to do some of my new paintings the Free printable patterns are on my patterns and traceable page.

You can do these lessons with Gouache, Acrylic Gouache or even just Acrylic paint if that is what you have on hand! Try out your paints and see how fun it is to do something creative!

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YOU CAN DO THIS! The biggest trick is to NOT get too tied to a specific outcome. We will be experimenting and going with the flow.

My goal is to help you realize that you are creative. In these tutorial lessons, I am sharing tips and tricks that I have been learning along the way to make quick and pretty painting projects.

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