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Big Arteza Prize Giveaway for #AcrylicApril!

Whoohoo! Thank you for checking out our awesome Arteza Acrylic Paint Prize pack giveaway for the #AcrylicApril 30 days Acrylic Painting Challenge! 30 small Paintings in 30 days. For more information on the challenge check out the Acrylic April website

3 winners WERE CHOSEN on April 16! Giveaway entry period is from April 1-April 15 2019.

Winners have been Chosen and Notified!

Angela H from SC
Nick S from IA
Kerrie R from MA

This Giveaway was Only open to USA residents and Limited European Residents – See the Terms and Conditions in the Box Below to see if your country is included. (Based on where can ship their products)

For my community in countries not covered in this giveaway, I will be hosting a worldwide giveaway in the future! Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Big Arteza Giveaway During Acrylic April 2019

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Each of these items are for sale on the Arteza web site if you click the affiliate link below the photo it will take you to either the US or EU Artez Store. I will earn a small commission if you happen to purchase anything after clicking on my links. Thank you for helping to support my Website and Youtube Channel!

21 thoughts on “Big Arteza Prize Giveaway for #AcrylicApril!”

  1. Shannon Jones

    I am in Hope’s to win. I have to buy cheaper paint due to my budget and have heard a lot about Aztec paints. Would love the chance to use this product by winning

  2. Jeannette Muise

    What happened to 🇨🇦 Canada we’re good people. And some of use do beautiful art work me not included. But I am trying

    1. I totally love Canada! I go to Canada every year. I love the people and the creative can do spirit.
      The prize locations is limited by Arteza they currently can only ship to the listed countries. Canada won’t be in their list for a couple months.

      I will be doing a celebration giveaway soon that will be open to anyone with a legal shipping address.

      Please keep watch!

  3. Thank you Stephanie for everything you have done for us! All your hard work and dedication with your tutorials. I really enjoy them! Thank you!

  4. Cindy McKinley

    I love your spirit so up beat and your enthusiasm is catchy. Thank you for your encouragement. Cindy McKiley

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