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Have you Seen our Store?

Snow people coloring book cover

I have been working on the store and trying really hard to contain my joy!  But gee, why contain it? NOw is the time to share and let it shine!

I know there are still a few bugs and the whole storefront disappears from time to time and I HAVE NO IDEA WHY! But I’m still going to push through and get those doors open. We have just a couple things available right now and that is just the way I want it. 🙂

First up we have the brand new Coloring book that you can purchase on sale right now. 25 Hand drawn Snowpeople and Winter Designs to start your month of December off.  Below is a speed video of just one of those designs.

After watching you might want to see a design up close–I have the design that was shown in the video in the store as a free digital download! put it in your cart and check out. There’s no cost to you and it is a lovely way to start the month. I would suggest printing it on some lightweight card stock so you can use markers but hey, crayons or colored pencils will work on regular printer paper too!

If you are interested in a physical bit of Swag from me to you I have these super cute 2 inch by 2 inch vinyl Doodle Owl stickers ready to fly out to new homes! I hope you will treat this like a little tip pot purchase. Drop a couple dollars in and get a sweet little owl as a thank you.

Doodle Owl Stickers Black and White
Show the world you support Deliberately Creative by sporting one of these sweet Stickers! Available in our Store now!

Any little bit helps as I am starting on a new adventure and building my income stream will make this feel all comfy and cozy!

Remember You don’t have to spend any money to support me and my adventures! Follow @deliberatelycreative on all the regular social media sites! Youtube, Instagram, Facebook (Follow my page!), and Twitter!

Cheers All!


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