sunset colors painting on a white rock

Amazing 4 color Sunset ~Painting

With just 4 colors of Fluid Acrylic Paint on Santorini stone this super easy and brilliant sunset was such a surprise!

Fluid Acrylic
Sunset Landscape!

These rocks takes the paint amazingly and the glitter of the Santorini Marble Stone shines through these paints mixed to be transparent. Their transparency works to our favor; the colors overlap and create new beautiful colors. The sunset is so brilliant! The way the water has the reflected glow of the sunset was the biggest surprise to me.

If you don’t have access to this amazing stone you can do this same technique on white tiles from the hardware store or even on flat rocks that you have painted white. Give it a try and tag me in your post when you share on your social media!

Painting on on these rocks are as easy as:

  1. Wash the rock and dry well
  2. Mix your paints and Pouring Medium (20 gms Liquitex Pouring Medium and 20 drops Golden High Flow Acrylics)
  3. Pour the paints on in a pleasing manner to create your image

Each step is easy and the finished piece is so surprising!
It’s like magic what you can do with a bit of paint and a couple craft sticks. I hope you will try it out and see for yourself how creative you really are!

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Santorini Stones- I purchased mine online from I used their CONTACT US email form on the website – and I told them what I wanted and how much I was willing to spend. They sent me a quote for the price. They DON’T take Paypal. You will need to call them to pay for the rocks with a credit card.

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