Inktober 2017 – Weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4!

I was so busy last month with a pen and ink sketch every day! I have recorded all of the sketches and have even put up beginner sketching lessons from the sketchbook. for most of the drawings! So much fun but also the reason I haven’t been getting in here and keeping up the web site. I do have a full time job outside the home so every minute I get to create is precious.I’m just popping the links in for the weekly round up videos in this post and I’ll have posts with all the lesson videos and I’ll add all the individual images in a gallery slide show soon. Click the Images to go to the Round up videos! There are individual lessons for almost every sketch in my Inktober Playlist!

Peaceful Rocky Ocean Shores Fluid Acrylic Painting Tutorial

Click Here for the Video  It’s time to make a lovely, calm painting with a gentle color pallet In this Relaxing Monochrome Rocky Ocean Shore with Amazing Cells No Silicon No Torch Landscape Technique. I share tips and tricks with your to make this a fun and relaxing process. If you are new here please Subscribe (It’s always Free!) and click the Bell to be notified when new videos go up! If you have a chance please share my videos and this channel on your social media so your friends can hear about me too. 🙂 ***** Please Note Product Links in the description are all Amazon Affiliate Links and I will earn a small commission if you chose to make a purchase–(I only put links on products that I actually have purchased myself through Amazon) Materials: 12 x 12 inch Gallery wrapped canvas Wilton Icing Knife Amazon Affiliate link: Liquitex Pouring Medium –Amazon Affiliate Link: Golden GAC-800 Amazon Affiliate link: Artist Loft Flow White Folkart Acrylic: Ultramarine Blue, Wicker White Amazon Affiliate link: DecoArt Pearl White Metallic Amazon Affiliate Link: DecoArt Snow White Amazon Affiliate link: I Use a scale to measure my paint, and mediums. It is more accurate and consistent to use a scale and way faster! Digital Kitchen scale Amazon Affiliate Link: Little plastic cup for each color and medium mixture. Little plastic cups are great if you are saving leftover paints. (I purchased mine at a local Restaurant …

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Back to School Book Bag Project!

It’s Back to School time–I have a fun Canvas tote bag that you can do with your kids help or on your own. 🙂 There’s even a dipped stretched canvas that you can keep or give as a gift if you are so inclined.:) I really appreciate you watching and if it is your first time here please click that Subscribe button and the Bell so you will be notified when new videos are published. The painted canvas bag or even the stretched canvas painting would make wonderful back to school gifts too! This would be a teacher gift that they would certainly be able to use. Another idea is to do this on canvas smaller canvas bags as Lunch sacks!                                           FYI–Amazon Affiliate Links to products I actually purchased and used in this project. I make a small commission if you buy anything and you don’t pay any thing extra! It is a win for us both. 🙂 Poured and Dipped tote bag and stretched canvas: Put your cup on the scale press the button to set the scale to zero and follow the measurements as you add each item to a cup for each color. Canvas Tote Bag: Amazon Affiliate link: Wide Painters Blue Tape Decoart Crafters acrylic : Amazon Affiliate link: – Grasshopper Green 4:1 4 partsFloetrol to 1 part Acrylic paint. Americana: Amazon Affiliate …

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10 Best Things to Pour Paint On!

What are the 10 Best Cheap things to pour paint on? Watch the video to find out! Remember to Subscribe – its ALWAYS FREE! We all start at the beginning–We so are nervous and unsure of what to do or even how to start. We are in need of a beginners guide to fluid acrylic pouring. So I’m starting to compile my lists! Here’s a quick list of things that are easy to find and for the most part are very inexpensive to purchase for doing your Acrylic Pouring experiments and final works of art. If this is your first time here you may be interested in my Top 10 Best Hacks for Beginner Acrylic Pouring Artists All of the projects shown in this video are in the listed in the 10 Best Cheap Things To Pour Paint On Playlist The List below is just the quick subject list–not the full information in each of the topics. I have tricks and tips within many of these items! Watch the video to find out more! 1. Stretched Canvas (reuse old canvases) 2. Canvas Sheet (you can buy it in pads just like paper) 3. Canvas Panels 4. Cardboard (backs of tablets, packaging, boxes, papier mache etc) 5. Watercolor paper (you don’t have to gesso first but you can!) 6. Bristol Board/Heavy Cardstock 7. Wood (frames shapes)Particle Board, MDF, shelves from old boolcase etc 8. Rocks! Collect from the ground (if allowed) or buy from Landscape Yards or even bags of rocks …

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