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Abstracts Are Fun! My Youtube Channel Update

Abstract art and creativity really do go hand in hand. I’m looking for ways to make a living from my YouTube channel videos and by selling my actual art. I would love to hear from my community any ideas you have to help my channel grow and get my art into the hands of folks who will appreciate it!

colorful floral abstract painting

Inspired by Claude Monet

I was inspired by the lush and loose approach to painting that is embodied in the painter Claude Monet and the impressionists. I say inspired because I’m not using the same paints -they used oils and I’m not even using any brushes just a little air filled balloon and a wood craft stick. I used …

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All New Cherry Blossom Painting!

I just posted the Best Cherry Blossom Painting! It is 8 times bigger than my first Cherry Blossom Painting! I’m so excited and I hope you will be too. Best Cherry Blossom Acrylic Painting Ever! I hope you will check out this video and then share it with your friends on your social media! Make …

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