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Poured Acrylic Faux Stained Glass Free Shark Pattern and Paint Recipes too

Create a Faux Stained Glass Great White Shark on the Acrylic sheet from a purchased frame. You don’t need cells to make a beautiful and creative project with poured acrylic paints! ****Safety INFORMATION*** If Using SHEET GLASS**** 1. Wear Gloves and shoes that cover the whole foot when handling glass with uncovered edges. 2. Use tape and cover the edges- The edges of sheet glass are like razors and WILL cause great harm if you are not careful. 3. Never work with glass if you are tired–You must pay attention at all times. 4. Please don’t leave glass sheet where small curious children or pets can mess with it. Keep them safe! The quick run down of the steps: 1. Get Frame Take out the Glazing (Acrylic sheet or Glass Sheet) 2. Remove the protective plastic from one side of the glazing and have the uncovered side face up On top of your pattern. Pattern is available on (If you are using glass make sure to wear gloves and tape all the edges before handing with bare hands. Click here for pattern! 3. With Gallery Glass Leading open bottle and remove inner seal- trace the pattern with the leading on to the glass – Let dry 24 hours 4. Fill the spaces with your colors of acrylic paint mixed with pouring medium (Paint colors and Recipes below) 5. Let Dry 24 hours 6. Put in frame, Hang up and enjoy! I hope you have as much fun as I …

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It’s Shark Week!! Let’s Pour some Paint

It’s Shark Week! Join me in a fun and easy experiment creating a gradated deep ocean background with 3 little dirty cups on a 12×12 inch cradled wood board that was painted black first. Then I show you How to Paint an Easy Hammerhead Shark! It all comes together with an amazing hammerhead shark swimming by. This was all done on my Youtube Channel on Deliberately Creative I hope you have as much fun as I did!! Remember to Subscribe and Click the Bell so you will be in on all the fun videos I have planned! Here’s the link just in case: First we will pour the gradated ocean background-On a 12×12 inch cradled wood panel. I used 3 dirty cup pours to make the water go from lighter at the surface to the deep dark at the bottom. I traced the outline of the Hammerhead shark using a white charcoal pencil. Next I used a paintbrush and filled in the whole shark with plain black paint that was not mixed with any mediums. I did end up touching up some areas with a second coat of black. I am so happy with the results and I am excited to see what you all do with this lesson! All product links in this post are Amazon Affiliate links to products that I have actually purchased. I will make a small commission on any purchases that are made after clicking on the Amazon links. This will not affect the …

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Ten Best Hacks for Poured Fluid Acrylic Painting!

Top 10 Tips and Hacks You May Not Know for Fluid Acrylic Painting that make being a beginner to fluid acrylic painting so much easier! (Remember to Subscribe – its always Free ) The List below is just the quick subject list–not the full information in each of the topics. I have little tricks and tips within many of these items! Watch the video to find out more! 1. Protect Your Surfaces 2. Use a scale 3. Sharpie Pen 4. Mixing Containers 5. Paints? 6. Jumbo craft sticks 7. Pouring Mediums 8. Surfaces to paint on 9. Nitrile Gloves are your best friend! 10. What is a dirty cup? 11. My thoughts on Silicone Health and Safety: Floetrol: Material Safety Data Sheet for this product says don’t Heat it as it can emit harmful fumes if heated- (Section 2 )click link for more safety information Silicone – Lubricant: can prevent adhesion of paint to the substrate :… Using Artist Paints:… I have a creative spirit that loves to explore and experiment with all kinds of Arts and Craft! I hope you have fun while you join me on my creative adventures! Make sure you have clicked that Subscribe button and the Bell so you will be notified when new videos go up! Fun things are planned and I hope you will be a part of them! The most important things you need to be successful with any of my creative projects are the willingness to learn and to be …

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