Coastal Cottage Knitting

I hope you enjoy fun and creative projects, demos, and lessons! I’m here with a brand new Coastal Grandmother inspired cottage.

This is a beautiful addition to your sewing basket, craft room or even toy box.

Made with lovely Lion Brand Wool Ease Natural Heather and Big Twist Heather yarns on a 22 needle circular knitting machine.
This is a great first project since you are just making 5 tubes. Closing the ends with easy running stitches and then simple crochet slip stitches to join the panels into the cottage shape.

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Coastal Cottage Knitting Pattern:
Like a little cottage at the seashore, that has seen many years this project is soft and rounded with natural colors and simple stitches. Enjoy your time, slow down and breathe as you mindfully stitch this sweet cottage into being. This is the perfect quiet time activity to recharge your creative batteries. Just like having a day at the coast.

Materials and Tools:
22 needle Circular Knitting Machine (you can certainly do with in the round on circular needles too: just cast on 22 stitches in the round on size 9 or 10 knitting needles and work the number of rows listed for the circular knitting machine.)
Darning Needle
4.5mm Crochet Hoot
Clips stitch Markers
Yarn- worsted weight- 2 colors
I used Lion Brand Wool Ease Worsted in Natural Heather for the cottage and Big Twist Heather for the Roof (it gives a lovely thatched look)

Knit these pieces:
Gables/Floor: 70 rows make 1piece. Flatten tube and close ends flat
Walls: 25 rows make 2 pieces. Flatten tubes and close ends
Roof: 34 rows make 2 pieces.( this is the updated pattern – the roof pieces needed to be a bit longer for the over hang)

1. Shape the Gable ends by folding in the corners and stitch in place with yarn and the darning needle.
2. Lay the wall pieces on either side of the Gable/Floor following the pattern instructions in the video and slip stitch in place with the crochet hook.
3. Attach the Roof pieces to the walls with slip stitch join.
4. Follow the instructions in the video for folding up the Gable end walls and slip stitch in place.
5. Stitch the Roof pieces to the pointed Gables with the darning needle.
You should have the cottage almost done.
At this point you can choose to stuff with poly fill and close the roof up completely, or add a button and loop to make a soft notions caddy, or put a strap handle on to be used as a small purse.

If you want you can add cute features like doors, windows and flowers with surface embroidery or appliqué use your imagination and be creative!

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