Full color cover of Gothic Horror Coloring Book by Stephanie Bergeron

Are You Ready for the Spooky Season?

It’s interesting how most of the things we see as scary are really our minds playing tricks on us. The cool thing about coloring books is that they are great for calming our minds, slowing us down and creating a space where we can be mindful and in total control of what happens. We get to make the decisions and choose what colors or tools we use.

When you hear the words Gothic Horror
what images spring to your mind?

I know for me it makes me thinking of spooky, atmospheric stories where things go bump in the night, usually in a creepy old house or run down castle. Even though it has horror in the title Gothic horror doesn’t usually have blood, guts, or gore- though it can be thrilling, most of the scares are in the mind of the reader or viewer.

I have been doing a lot of drawing for this new coloring book! There’s 30 spooky, magical and atmospheric pieces of art. If you are looking for a not too horrific coloring book for the Spooky Season, I’d love to have you check it out.

My newest Kindle Direct Published book: Gothic Horror Coloring Book by Stephanie Bergeron is now available on Amazon!
This creepy coloring book is 8.5×8.5”, 30 black and white coloring pages that are printed on one side only, ready for your coloring adventures! It also has a lovely glossy full color cover. (Affiliate links will earn me a small commission if you make a purchase- it never changes the price you pay!)

If you do buy a copy it would make my day to have you leave an honest review on the product page- on Amazon.

I’m working on getting my coloring books to be seen by more than just my friends and family. Lol

I even have a free coloring page from the book as an example! (It’s actually the Title Page. Perfect for coloring – Lol!

Free Coloring page for personal use only. ©️2021 Stephanie Bergeron. Please share your colored versions with me on your social media- tag @deliberatelyvreative thank you! I love seeing what you guys do with these coloring pages.

What do you think? Maybe we do a live stream coloring the title page? It’s the same image as the cover of the book- I could do it with a combination of acrylic, watercolor, gouache, pencils or??

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