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What do you think about the power of Attraction and positive Intentions?

For me, I believe that stating your intentions out loud or writing them down and sharing them with others will bring those amazing things into your reality more quickly. So, here is my big intention! “I am building my YouTube Channels,(Deliberately Creative and Creative Wandering) Art studio, this blog and my Kindle books all to the point that they are bringing consistent and growing income to create a more fun and creative life!

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To that end I will be sharing companies and products that I love!

If you have been around a minute- You know that I’m a sucker for an amazing sale on art supplies. You also know that I use many Arteza supplies- so I wanted to share that Arteza is having a huge sale through Labor Day 2021. Click the banner below to get in on the sale before it ends! (Affiliate links: I earn a small commission when you make a purchase it never changes the price you pay.)

I am interested in finding fun products and companies that are interested in supporting my studio and have great creative products and amazing customer service. If you have any ideas or suggestions of companies I should check out or products I should test out and see if there’s some gems out there I should be adding to my studio supplies leave me a comment and share!

What do you think? What are your suggestions that may help me meet my goals?

I intend for my business growth to be through authentic interactions with my community.

I promise won’t share anything with you that I don’t actually love and use in my studio.

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