Abstracts Are Fun! My Youtube Channel Update

Until recently I hadn’t really thought much about abstract paintings or non representational paintings. Then 2 years ago I started doing fluid acrylic poured paintings. My views on art shifted sideways.Green Hills 2 flip cups fluid acrylic pour

You see, I have always had a more realistic style to my art unless I was doodling. I wanted to make art that people would recognize as what ever I was trying to make. Once I started acrylic pouring I learned to love the play of color. How one color would blend with or not blend with another color.

It was like a magic trick, pouring is not predictable. You can anticipate certain things that may happen but you can never know for sure.

I wanted something I was more in control of, something that would give me the chance to play with colors and control where they were placed on my canvas.

Palette knife painting to the rescue!! I have been watching a few of the artists from India and the US who have been creating quick abstract acrylic painting videos with palette knives in Youtube.

These artists start with a few dabs of paint on a clean canvas and magically in just a few minutes a beautiful painting is completed. Some of the paintings are in real time, some are sped up and some are edited to create a video with bits clipped out. All of these paintings are amazing. Each video I watched has been educational with out any words.

Yup, I have jumped on this trend. I am looking at the ways these other artists have created their paintings and how they have put together their videos. My channel needs a kickstart, I’m using my art style but shaking things up!

For 30 painting videos in a row, I am making abstract art. I am creating videos without words- no talking. I’m keeping these videos short too; between 5-11 minutes long. I want to see if this style will boost my channel by growing my subscriber base and grow the number of views on my channel.

Check out the videos linked in this post and let me know which way you like best! I have 3 different video styles here:

  1. Speed video first with talking lesson in the same video. This is the longest style.Easy Abstract Ocean speed painting and real-time lesson in one video
  2. Speed video just music with the video. Shortest but at 2 times speed as the actual painting took longer to paint.Relaxing Abstract Landscape with Water Reflections
  3. Real time video less than 10 minutes start to finish. Music no talking.Real-time abstract Roses

When I am talking during painting it really slows me down. When I’m not talking during the painting it gives me the chance to just enjoy the process, listen to fun music or audio books.

My hope and wish is that folks will enjoy my new style and process. That more people will find and watch my videos and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Finally I’m working on ideas for ways to get the talking (voice overs) on to the videos and share the lessons in real time or just lightly edited with a bit of time lapse. I’m not sure where I’ll be sharing those lessons.

A few ideas are:

  • Facebook page videos?
  • As a subscriber perk on Youtube?
  • As a subscriber perk on Patreon?
  • On Instagram- IGTV?

What do you think? My art is my business now and I’m trying to figure out ways to create an awesome experience for my community and create income.

If folks start purchasing art from my web site shop I’d be able to keep all my videos free. I’m just thinking out loud and would love to hear your suggestions! Leave me a comment and share your awesome ideas!

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