Fluid Acrylic Puddle Poured Christmas Tree with Glitter!

I’m so glad you decided to join me as I figure out how to make a Christmas tree with a loop of string and puddles of paint in a semi-controlled way.
Spoiler– it worked.

Click the images below to go to the video lesson!

This Christmas decorated tree with sparkly glitter and metallic paint puddle baubles is so easy that I really believe that anyone; beginner to advanced can be successful!

2 thoughts on “Fluid Acrylic Puddle Poured Christmas Tree with Glitter!”

  1. Stephanie, love, love, love watching you work and your humor. Just started pouring this fall. Gearing up to do some holiday painting and wanted to start with your fun Christmas tree. I went to purchase your same materials and could not find Midnight blue or Grasshopper green. Suggestions for alternatives in Decoarts, Apple Barrel or anything else Michael’s or Hobby Lobby would carry. Thanks so much. I tried commenting on YouTube channel, but had issues.

    1. Hello Gaye! So happy you found my website. The Midnight is a dark blue that is like a Prussian Blue – LIke the Primary blue with a touch of black in it. The Grasshopper is a yellow green with a bit of white in it. I did the project using colors that I had on hand for years of different projects. 🙂 Have fun and experiment!

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