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cups of colored paint

Fun and Easy Abstract Cup of Coffee!

This is a way to use those old leftover cups of fluid paint that aren’t quite fluid anymore but are still wet and spreadable! Find a palette knife or an old plastic card and start layering on the paint! The play of colors and the ability to manipulate the paints on the panel is so fun. Then Pouring the coffee in the cup was such a highlight!

watercolor pencil on a rock

Did you Know you can watercolor pencil on rocks?

It is almost magical how the watercolor pencil paints in the stunning autumn leaves on the pure white sparkly Santorini stones.  I show you how to paint beginner autumn leaves step by step in this fun and easy way. Watercolor has never been so simple! Painting on on these rocks are as easy as: 1. …

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pouring paint on canvas through a colander

Acrylic Poured Abstract Through a Colander

<<Links next to the listed materials are Amazon Affiliate Links–If you click the link and make a purchase I earn a small commission. It will never change the the price you pay. You are free to use what ever materials in your projects. I list the links as a convenience for you. 🙂 >>   …

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cup pouring colors Top 10

Ten Best Hacks for Poured Fluid Acrylic Painting!

Top 10 Tips and Hacks You May Not Know for Fluid Acrylic Painting that make being a beginner to fluid acrylic painting so much easier! (Remember to Subscribe – its always Free ) https://www.youtube.com/user/sbergeron00) The List below is just the quick subject list–not the full information in each of the topics. I have little tricks …

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