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Deliberately Creative Stephanie

sunset colors painting on a white rock

Amazing 4 color Sunset ~Painting

With just 4 colors of Fluid Acrylic Paint on Santorini stone this super easy and brilliant sunset was such a surprise! Fluid AcrylicSunset Landscape! These rocks takes the paint amazingly and the glitter of the Santorini Marble Stone shines through these paints mixed to be transparent. Their transparency works to our favor; the colors overlap …

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watercolor pencil on a rock

Did you Know you can watercolor pencil on rocks?

It is almost magical how the watercolor pencil paints in the stunning autumn leaves on the pure white sparkly Santorini stones.  I show you how to paint beginner autumn leaves step by step in this fun and easy way. Watercolor has never been so simple! Painting on on these rocks are as easy as: 1. …

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Raspberry on a Rock

How to Paint a Raspberry on a Rock!

Welcome to my Step by Step Beginners Tutorial Rock Painting a Raspberry. This is such a fun painting and so easy too! You can make a sweet and juicy looking raspberry really quick and easy too! I’m using Arteza paints that I got a couple months ago and did a review and color chart swatching. …

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Spin it Baby!

YES, this art tutorial shows that with just 3 colors — amazing combinations happen like magic! Check out the Video Lesson on Deliberately Creative – Youtube Channel You can Create Modern Abstract Art for your Home! Getting set up to have some fun! Really, the magic happens in 2 main steps –  First pouring the …

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Have You Ever Wondered About Resin?

Have you been wondering, “How on earth do I finish a painting using resin?” Well you are in luck! This time we are going to get 4 projects covered with resin in less than 30 minutes! (Not counting the stirring, resting curing of the Art Resin). Art Resin is a lovely product that is mixed …

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Drop those Toxic Friends! Find your Marigolds

It’s time for a heart to heart chat about who we really need to have around us. As creative people we need to gather those Marigolds, companions that help us grow in a kind and compassionate way. Dump the toxic “friends” the ones who always throw shade or poison the ground like Walnut trees stunting …

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